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A Day at SunTrust Park

This summer has marked quite an eventful one for Smyrna: at long last, SunTrust Park has been open to Atlanta Braves fans, and we sure have been getting to know the new stadium pretty well. We here at Alta at Jonquil are suckers for baseball games - after all, there’s nothing better for a summer pastime, especially here down south.

Haven’t been to SunTrust to cheer on our Braves yet? Well, that makes you one of the few in Atlanta, so you better get on that! Luckily, we’ve got you covered in our blog this week, Part 1 of our celebration of  SunTrust Park. Here are some tips to plan your day at SunTrust.

  • MARTA is your best friend. Parking can be really tough and overpriced when heading to a game. If you’re not coming from Smyrna, we suggest taking MARTA. And Uber and Lyft will help with the cost (not to mention ease the pressure of having that extra beer at the game).

  • High-up seats give quite a view… maybe even a better one than you’re expecting We’ve seen some of the most gorgeous sunsets from the upper levels of SunTrust. Trust us, it’s worth it - there’s no such thing as a bad seat!

  • Save time at the concession stands by going early. Don’t fall for the beginner’s mistake of waiting until the 7th inning stretch.

  • Try the buffalo fries from the Fry Box. Every ballpark has their own signature snacks, and you’ll be glad you got this spicy treat - it’ll feel like a classic, even if you’re having it for the first time.

  • Grab your gear beforehand. We recommend skipping the expensive prices at the stadium and stocking up on your Atlanta Braves pride from another store before you head to the game.

Don’t forget to take some snaps - and save them, don’t just post them to your Snapchat or Instagram story! Submit them, and we’ll feature them in our photo blog next week, Part 2 of our SunTrust Park blog celebration series. Go Braves!

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