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ATL Places to Visit on Your Resolutions List

Let’s get a roll call: who here loves to make New Year’s resolutions lists for the new year? We can’t be the only ones! Now that 2017 is over, and we’re ready to take 2018 by storm, we’re preparing our lists for this year. Living in Atlanta, there’s lots to think about that we want to do this year. Hence, we at Alta at Jonquil are here to help you.

For our first blog of this new year, we’re celebrating new life, new seasons, new decisions, and new habits with a list of suggestions of places that you simply have to visit around Smyrna and the surrounding Atlanta neighborhoods this year. Ok, maybe they’re just suggestions, but we STRONGLY encourage you to check these out before 2018 completely flies by. What can we say? We’re here to help!

  • Ghosts of Marietta. You don’t have to wait for Halloween for this one - the haunted tours and spooky history house some boo-tifully creepy sights and sounds, all right here in Smyrna’s backyard. We promise you’ll have a great time… but good luck sleeping afterwards...

  • LEGOLAND Discovery Center is a place where all ages can be transported into something that is truly an engineering marvel. You’ve heard about it, but if you haven’t visited yet, this is your year. Your inner kid will be so excited, and your inner architect will have all the gears turning about what you can come home to build!

  • Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park is the site of some Civil War history, home to a lot of ancient parts of our country’s story. Not only is it fascinating to visit, but it’s a workout to hike. You may find yourself coming back time and time again, addicted to the elevated heart rate and outstanding views at the top.

Did we miss a few of your favorite spots that we’ve got to put on our New Year’s resolution lists? Let us know by leaving a comment, and we at Alta at Jonquil will be sure to visit and post some photos or a spotlight to our blog or our social media. Happy 2018, and enjoy the New Year!

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