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Community Gardening in Smyrna

The community gardening movement is alive and well in Smyrna! Community gardening is a wonderful opportunity to grow vegetables and ornamental plants while also connecting with your neighbors and beautifying your area. It’s a situation in which the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

How do you get involved in community gardening in Smyrna?


Often in life, when you’re looking around for someone to take the lead, the leader is the one staring back at you in the mirror! It’s true. The call to action will frequently come along innocently enough in the form of a simple question: how do I start a community garden?

The City of Smyrna is happy to help with its community garden program!

“If have no room for a food garden at your home, join the new Smyrna Community Garden movement and get busy!” the city enjoins you. Gardening plots are available for reservation while supplies last.  


Keep Smyrna Beautiful is the local committee heading our Smyrna’s community gardening effort. The committee tells Atlanta Home Improvement that they “wanted to make Smyrna even more attractive to young families, to showcase how progressive Smyrna really is. We were lucky to have the full support of the parks director.” This new garden has even grown a new educational series, with Master Gardeners teaching gardening classes in Brawner Hall.


If you would like volunteer or to sign up for a plot, access the policies and lease agreement document in Document Central at the City of Smyrna website. Plot sizes range from small (5’x6’) to jumbo (10’x13’). The Smyrna Community Garden will be starting with four different sizes. Funds from leasing go toward building the garden, which has a total of 98 plots.

You don’t have to “leaf” town to see what’s “growing” on! Enjoy community gardening in Smyrna.

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