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Happy Hour Battle: Vintage Tavern vs. Empire Sports Bar

When it comes to happy hour (and the special tastes and prices that entails), we here in Smyrna take it seriously. We’re not ones for a half-hearted happy hour here at Alta at Jonquil, and we’ll be sure to let you know. Obviously, the drinks are what make happy hour special - but what about the other factors, like the location, food, atmosphere, and variety? Well, that’s where this becomes a battle… behold: battle of the happy hours, round 1!

This week, we’re having Vintage Tavern square off against Empire Sports Bar… and we’ll be making recommendations based on these factors:

Location: While Vintage Tavern is located just off the Village Green (legitimately just yards from us here at Alta at Jonquil), Empire Sports Bar is located just a bit further north on Windy Hill Road SE. When it comes to locale (and walkability), we’ve got to give the edge to Vintage on this one! Score: Vintage - 1 ; Empire - 0.

Atmosphere: It’s easy to love what Vintage has going for it, what with its hometown vibe and fun, relaxed atmosphere. But when it comes to Atlanta city pride and Braves team spirit, we’ve got to hand this one to Empire, a sports bar that certainly knows its sports! Score: Vintage - 1 ; Empire - 1.

Food: Well, on the one hand, Empire offers some delicious speciality cocktails and their signature Empire Dog. But on the other, Vintage has classic bar favorites that remind us of why we go to happy hour in the first place. If you’re gonna do food right and well, you’ve got to go all-in, and both these places do. So it’s a draw for this one… score is tied! Vintage - 1.5 ; Empire - 1.5.

Looks like it’s too close to call this round, so let’s hear it from you! Which is your favorite spot for an after-work happy hour? And shall we see you there? It’s five o’clock somewhere… cheers!

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