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The Best Breakfast Burritos around Smyrna

Here in the Southeast, we have a long tradition of hiding some of our finest delicacies in the most rugged and rustic of places (see: Southern BBQ). The best spots are word-of-mouth kinds of places you have to be “in the know” to even know about. The best breakfast burritos around Smyrna are perhaps the best examples of this phenomenon—you’ll have to search for them, but they’re well worth it.


Guaco Joe’s is a fun place for brunch and beyond. Their breakfast burrito is made with a flour tortilla, cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs, chorizo, peppers, onions, potatoes, red and green sauces, cream and avocado, served with a house-made muffin and choice of side.

We recommend Guaco Joe’s for a boozy Sunday brunch. Below their proper restaurant they have an “underground” section with communal seating and a 2nd bar! The patio is right outside. This place was built for good times.


If you want good food fast, go to EL Taco Veloz. Their breakfast burrito is celebrated across Atlanta. Chef Anthony Bourdain declares it “simply, delicious.” Atlanta Eats agrees, adding, “El Taco Veloz... is serving up some of the best tacos in town.”

Don’t let the drive through fool you. This is no Taco Bell! “Veloz” means “fast” in Spanish and that’s exactly what you get at Taco Veloz!


Sometimes you gotta go off-menu to find exactly what you’re looking for. J’s Snack Land Tacos will accommodate your breakfast burrito cravings with panache. Just ask Nicole W. of Atlanta, GA.

She yelps, “I ordered the chorizo and eggs plate, but asked if I could have it as a burrito instead.  No problem! The thing weighed about 1.5 pounds and had lots of goodies inside.”

Real food without the frills. That’s what Georgia cookin’ is all about!

Southern cuisine is all about finding those hidden gems. Believe us, if you search for the best breakfast burritos around Smyrna, you’ll find them in spades.

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