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The Best Doggie Daycare Near Smyrna

You work hard. There’s not a thing wrong with that. But the sweet satisfaction of a job well done at the end of a long day only comes in a distant second to returning home to your best furry friend for some cuddles and couch-time. But even though you know your doggie is even happier to see you than you are to see her, somewhere in the back of your mind you feel guilty. You can’t help it. “Dogs were meant to run and play,” you think, “they’re social creatures.” Are you really doing everything you can to make sure Rover’s life is as happy and healthy as he makes yours?

These are the best doggie daycare services northwest of Atlanta.


Any second thoughts you might have about doggie daycare are immediately put to rest at Happy Paws Pet Camp. True to their adorable name, Happy Paws creates an environment that makes dogs happy! They never cage their “campers,” as they call them. They organize daily activities for your pup to keep her mentally, physically and socially stimulated.

Google Local Guide Julie Streeter gives Happy Paws high marks: “My dog loves, LOVES, going to daycare. If he even hears that word 'daycare' he gets so excited!”


Bark & Lounge promises that your dog will never sleep alone—they have a person working at the Smyrna location all night long! For the safety of your pooch, they make sure smaller breeds and larger breeds don’t mix during daily activities (unless you request otherwise). And Bark & Lounge’s doggie cams let you check in on your faithful Fido with your mobile device whenever you happen to be thinking of him.

Bailey G. of Atlanta yelps, “We love bark and lounge! We have a labradoodle and he loses his mind anytime he realizes where we're going.”


With a hat tip to the films of Dolly Parton, Best Little Dog House in Georgia makes no bones about their quality of services. They have someone onsite 24 hours a day. And they boast (are you ready for this?) a 42” plasma screen TV for their four-legged boarders—these dogs have nicer digs than your freshman year dorm room!

Google Local Guide Gloria Merrill assures, “This is the only place that I would trust with my furry friends. I give them an A+.”

Our dogs give us so much. Wouldn’t your workday go more smoothly if you knew your pooch was running and playing with other dogs all day? We owe our best friends nothing less. After all, if they were the ones commuting to work everyday, wouldn’t they do the same for you?

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