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The Best Speakeasies Near Smyrna

It’s only if cool if nobody else knows about it, right? Speakeasies are back in style, Atlanta. (Were they ever out of style?) The classic speakeasy is a true secret, hidden from view and often requiring some privileged information to gain entry.

These are the be best speakeasies near Smyrna.


Eleanor’s is the secret bar inside Muss & Turner’s. It’s named for an old friend of the restaurant characterized by the owner as a drinking buddy, defacto mom and in-house sage. As much as the woman herself must have been a presence, Eleanor’s bar is certainly an experience. As one yelper describes it, “Enter through a ‘freezer door’ - walk down a dimly lit hallway - make the turn: You're in another world.”

For being such a big secret, Eleanor’s is known for its bumping weekend crowd. So show up early if you want to find a seat. Patrons rave about their mixed drinks.


In this age of mobile devices, you’ll only see two kinds of people darting into a phone booth. One kind wears a big red “S” on his chest and the other wants to enjoy a bourbon and cigar at the Red Phone Booth.

The Red Phone Booth mixes drinks in the classic style. They chip their own ice and squeeze their own juice! Their humidor holds varieties of cigars you won’t find anywhere else, including their in-house special, the 18th Amendment. The ample ventilation and authentic antique stylings mean the atmosphere at Red Phone Booth is top shelf!


When you walk through Supply & Demand’s unmarked door, located just behind Churchill’s, you can tell your stock just went up. This Wallstreet-themed speakeasy is 25-and-up and members only—the very definition of exclusive. Thrillist recommends investing in the cocktail menu, especially the bluish Bull Market, made from mezcal, lemon, crème de violette and agave nectar.

Prohibition-style thrills are “at large” near Atlanta. Smyrna’s best speakeasies recreate the roaring good times of a classic age. This much fun should be illegal!

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