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The Best Springtime Date Ideas Around Smyrna

American poet E.E. Cummings wrote of springtime, “lovers go and lovers come /awondering / but any two are perfectly / alone there’s nobody else alive.”

Yes, in the spring, new romances are kindled and old ones are deepened. The flowers, the bees, the leaves on the trees—all of nature is having a lovefest. It’s time you did, too. Here’s your springtime date ideas, Smyrna!


What better way to get know somebody than close quarters and simulated peril? Ultimate Escape Game Atlanta is the flagship location for the Escape Game franchise. Their themed experiences have dipped in the cyberpunk genre, Indiana Jones-style high adventure and Nazi code crackers. If the variety doesn’t grab you, the intensity will.

Sure, there’s a lot of escape rooms these days. And Atlanta is home to a great many good ones. But yelper Mike T. from Escondido, California says that Ultimate Escape Game Atlanta is ahead of the pack:

“I've been to over 30 escape rooms around the country, and I was super impressed with this place. I'd put it in my top 5. “


The energy of a live performance pairs well with the springtime energy already pulsating in the air. The Basement Theater is Atlanta’s best underground improv comedy theater! Their shows run Thursday through Friday, every week. The rotating marquee of shows may give some hint of what you’re in for: Vacancy Motel, Rorschach and Scrambled Eggs.

Marcelo D. yelps, “Improv at The Basement Theatre is guaranteed fun. The jokes and delivery are simply hilarious.”


Bring a bottle of wine and the creatively-inclined object of your affection to Painting with a Twist. Professional artists guide you through the production of your very own work of art. Nibble, sip and flirt while you splash chartreuse hues on a receptive white canvas. This springtime date is sure to make some indelible memories.

In the verse of e.e. cummings: “sweet spring is your / time is my time is our / time!” No matter what your age or relationship status, we all emerge from winter rejuvenated. So make the first move and seize these sparkling spring days while they last, Smyrna!

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