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The Best Summer Music Festivals Around Smyrna This Summer

Summer is coming to Georgia. And the golden days of sunshine are ever so fleeting. Kick up your heels and wear your summer clothes. Sip some adult beverages. (But stay hydrated!) Seize the season and enjoy some summer music festivals. Enter: the best summer music festivals around Atlanta and beyond!


Some people spend all year waiting for the beat to drop. Shaky Beats is the EDM offshoot of its sister show, the alt-rock giant Shaky Knees Music Festival. There’s so few opportunities to bust a move to some electronic dance music here in the South. Their website beckons, “Shaky Beats will have you hooping and dancing the night away. Leave your FoMO behind and come join the party.

Fill the void in your heart for bass-heavy synth rhythms. Shaky Beats features top-tier artists and DJs this May in Atlanta’s Central Park!


The Atlanta Jazz Festival is one of the largest free jazz festivals in the country. And it has excellent pedigree: the show has been enchanting audiences for 40 years! The whole month of May and the entire Atlanta metro area become a venue for jazz legends and up-and-comers alike. The festival culminates Memorial Day weekend in Piedmont Park where the headliners take the mainstage!

In the meantime, aspiring jazz-heads can checkout the festival's SoundCloud playlist.


Squeeze in one more camping trip as the summer winds down. Imagine Festival has grown up from its more modest beginnings as a two-day, downtown affair to a full-blown, EDM sleepover at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Don’t stare directly into the lasers, trip over any jellyfish and for the love of Pete drink plenty of water as you explore the dreamy installations and shake your booty to the hypnotic bassline.

The long summer days seem eternal, but autumn rears its head before you know it. Seize those slippery seconds before they tick-tock away forever. Checkout the best summer music festivals around Smyrna!

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